Restoration: Table of Contents

This part of the website is divided into seven sections, each dealing with a particular aspect of the restoration. Click on the Aero under the title to open the relevant page, then click on the thumbnail pictures to see the full-size view

The Parts


The first section describes  and illustrates the 'incomplete kit of parts' that provided the starting point for this car's rebirth



This section deals with the engine, the exhaust system, the magneto and other ancillary parts



The chassis includes the frame itself, the bevel box, suspension, wheels, brakes and all other associated items



The woodwork comprises the main body frame, and also other parts such as the dashboard and battery box

Sheet Metal


The sheet metal describes the construction of the steel body panels and wings, and also the petrol and oil tanks



A multitude of small fittings had to made or purchased. This section illustrates some of them



Priming, top coat paintwork and many small finishing details are covered in this section


Bob Barclay & Loose Cannon Designs, Ottawa, Canada, 2008